I created a journal to take me on a journey further into gratitude and self love. Because I truly have noticed a change in how I feel about the woman I am becoming and I do sincerely love you all I have made it available for you to buy and use too.Start each morning thinking about what it is that you love about yourself “I love that I am …” and then move into other things in your life that you are grateful for.Decided what type of women / mother you want to be that day and write downways that you can make it a reality.Finish up the first five minutes of your day thinking about only ONE thing that you would need to do to make your day great and someone else’s day great.✨As you prepare to sleep and say goodbye to the day you have just lived through, think back about something that made you laugh, smile or say thank you: something you did to make someone else feel grateful.Then put any unfinished business or worries on hold, write them down and let them go, and go to sleep peacefully. ✨There are examples and images and prompts to guide through this journey.These six week journals are the perfect gift to yourself or a friend ✨ the template has truly changed my life for the better.Sending you love and light 

Moments for Me: a journal for gratitude and self love