Mindset Renewal and The Law of Attraction: mindset shifts for co-creating your dream life

In order to create the life that you truly want to live you have to look at the reason why we live the lives we live in this current day. Via the Law of Attraction we have created the life we live whether we know it or not. If for any reason we are not happy with the life that we are living we have the power to change that. Experts say that working with the Law of Attraction we can co-create the life that we want to live! How exciting is that?

In this post I’m going to share with you some ways to move into a place of mindset renewal so that you can begin to create the life that you may have only ever dreamed of. This is important because the Law of Attraction works best with feeling - also known as our emotional guidance system.

Are you Ready?

Get a pen and a journal ready because this is a deep journey. I’d like you to spend a day or two on each task. It may not be quick and it may not be easy but it is necessary for transformation and renewal.

  1. Look at all of your life, the parts that you love and the parts that you wish to change. Also look at the people in your life, ask yourself what do they bring into your life? And perhaps more importantly, what do you offer them?

  1. Make a list of upto three things in your life that you want to change.

  1. Over the next few days (one item a day) spend some time journaling on each item on your list. During this journaling phase you will be working on the perfect day, experience or relationship.

So for example if you put on your list, ‘I wish to change the unstable relationship I have with my husband or children’, during this stage you will write - on a perfect day the relationship with my husband or children would start by / consist of / include… really feel each emotion as part of this journey. This is how you want to feel, embrace that feeling now.

  1. Begin to implement some of the behaviours / activities / conversations you have dreamed up in your journal.

If you have written that you will have uninterrupted family time, explain the importance of this to your family and schedule some time in each week or month to make this happen.

  1. Surrender the rest to the flow of life. Once you have done your part, no matter if others don’t seem to be on board yet, trust that as you stay aligned with what you want and your vision will align with you and others - be it family, work, or finances - will fall inline with you.

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